7 Prestige Icons

7 Prestige Icons I just whipped up.

Please comment and credit.



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I'll have more done soon. ^_^

Oh, and I'd like some requests to keep my inspiration flowing. So request away.
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Icon batch..?

I watched this movie lastnight. I left the theatre awestruck. It was amazing. I was blown away. That and Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are eye candy. :DDD

Soes. I thought I'd make a jumble of simple icons from stills and screenshots that I came across over the net.

Just thought I'd make these to hopefully start to spruce things up here. Gotta get this community ticking!

02. 17. 18. 33.
Follow teh fake cut!

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Doctor Who [The Doctor: layout match]

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Welcome to BordenVsAngier, the first LJ community about Christopher Nolan's upcoming film, The Prestige. :D If you're here, I'm hoping it's because you read the rules/love The Prestige, Christian, or Hugh. It's a friends only community, but you don't have to get approved to join. However, your posts do have to get approved. Just remember that your mod itsinthesubtextis always online, as she has pretty much no life, and you won't have to wait 435353 hours for a post to go up. :] So uh. Follow the rules and be nice. ;D