Anna (orlisroses29) wrote in bordenvsangier,

Posters & Icons! ^^

I'm here with one more Japanese version of the The Prestige poster! :) And with icons, if you're interested! 

Comments are love, they taste like chocolate! ;D

(29) Blood Diamond
(4) X-Men: The Last Stand (from my scans)
(4) The Departed
(10) The Prestige
(2) Haven
(6) Gedo Senki aka Tales from Eathsea

theprestige9new_withwords.png theprestige7new.png theprestige5new.png

Follow the trail... 


And the posters! :P I think it's gonna be pretty famous here in Japan, lol Kinda like Spiderman 3 I suppose. :) Enjoy!

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