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Spoiler alerts ho, no clicky cut unless you've seen it.

Mini intro:
Hi, I'm Ashe, howareya. Longtime Hugh and Bale fan, seen the movie twice, love it more than candy, etc. etc.

So I'm looking at pictures today and noticed something.

So I come across this picture.

....Look at the first names of the slots just to the left of Cutter.
Too crazy awesome to be coincidental, I think. I looooove it. Sarahs I can see as ever-so-subtle foreshadowing, but what about Olivia? Hm.

Also, definately spoilery notes:

1.) My friend and I were chatting about all the glorious, glorious subtilties to the movie. She brought up the fact that most twins have one leftie and one righty. (I'm not sure if this is true, but she's a master of odd trivia so I'd take her word for it.) Did anyone notice any dominant hand switching with Borden throughout?

Also on that note, I noticed that they sort of make a show of Hugh's left-handedness through the movie. (Writing in his journal, translating Bordens, even signing into the hotel.)
Now back in the day, being a leftie was basically considered a sin and deals with the devil and all of that stuff. (Hell, that's why Hugh was forces to go Rightie for Kate and Leopold.)
Anyone else think this is intentional or do I need to stop overanalysing everything? XD

2.) Anyone else seen this movie twice to catch all the little bits and pieces? I almost burst out laughing at the funeral scene:
"Which knot did you tie?"
"I've been asking myself the same question."

Okay. That's enough from me. I warn again, that cut is spoilery, people. Don't click if you haven't seen the film.
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