June 16th, 2007

Givenchy ; Angels and Demons

More posters! *squee*

Here's a few more posters from Japan, lol! :) I scanned them a few days ago, after I watched the movie for myself! :D It was interesting, although the movie was different from the book (as I suspected!) The ending was marvelous though, but... it made me sad... o.O

Anyways... Here's the scans (from the newspaper featuring FOUR PAGES of it!) There's one odd photo of Borden and Angier's head sticked together into one candle.. o_O It was really strange. It made me chuckle though・・・ Somehow, lol... 

theprestige_newposter.png theprestige_back1.jpg theprestige_back2.jpg theprestige_back3.jpg

Hope you enjoy! ^^

EDIT: Hey guys, I forgot to add one more scan I had・・・ I'll put it up before this entry gets .. uh.. forgotten? lol o_O; It's a sticker I got before entering the theatre to see the movie! :D