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Mood Theme? [15 Sep 2009|06:32pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Uhmm...I see there's no 2009,is there somebody still in this community?

I'd like to use a Prestige Mood Theme,but I couldn't find it anywhere.

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[04 Sep 2007|10:43am]

Hey, there. I'm a new addition to the community, and would
like to share some icons based on screencaps from the Prestige.
The icons are numbers 49-73. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

text-less icons ARE NOT BASES
.please comment if taking
.credit is REQUIRED
.you don't have to save it onto your own server. i have no intentions of deleting them
.NO hotlinking

001 002 003

004 005 006

007 008 009

010 011 012

013 014 015

016 017 018

019 020 021

022 023 024

025 026 027

028 029 030

031 032 033

034 035 036

037 038 039

040 041 042

043 044 045

046 047 048

049 050 051

052 053 054

055 056 057

058 059 060

061 062 063

064 065 066

067 068 069

070 071 072

073 074 075
 _fcksavedurl=  _fcksavedurl=  _fcksavedurl=  _fcksavedurl=

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New Prestige-Fan [01 Jul 2007|01:57pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hey guys,

I just searched for communities interessted in Hugh Jackman and found this one. And I love Prestige, it's defintely my favorite movie.

I want to show you some arts I made with Prestige Pictures:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Look and comment here

And two Wallpaper that aren't uploaded in my Journal yet:
The last one is in my Journal under the cut above.

I hope, you like it;)

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More posters! *squee* [16 Jun 2007|12:53am]

Here's a few more posters from Japan, lol! :) I scanned them a few days ago, after I watched the movie for myself! :D It was interesting, although the movie was different from the book (as I suspected!) The ending was marvelous though, but... it made me sad... o.O

Anyways... Here's the scans (from the newspaper featuring FOUR PAGES of it!) There's one odd photo of Borden and Angier's head sticked together into one candle.. o_O It was really strange. It made me chuckle though・・・ Somehow, lol... 

theprestige_newposter.png theprestige_back1.jpg theprestige_back2.jpg theprestige_back3.jpg

Hope you enjoy! ^^

EDIT: Hey guys, I forgot to add one more scan I had・・・ I'll put it up before this entry gets .. uh.. forgotten? lol o_O; It's a sticker I got before entering the theatre to see the movie! :D

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[05 Jun 2007|07:57pm]

Hey guys I'm new to the community but like you (I'm sure), I am obssessed with this movie and have watched it a million times. I'm posting b/c I wanted to share my icons of the movie.

Multifandom ICONS:

100 total go figure.

51. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Fake Cut to my Journal for Multifandom Icons.
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Posters & Icons! ^^ [22 May 2007|12:11am]


I'm here with one more Japanese version of the The Prestige poster! :) And with icons, if you're interested! 

Comments are love, they taste like chocolate! ;D

(29) Blood Diamond
(4) X-Men: The Last Stand (from my scans)
(4) The Departed
(10) The Prestige
(2) Haven
(6) Gedo Senki aka Tales from Eathsea

theprestige9new_withwords.png theprestige7new.png theprestige5new.png

Follow the trail... 


And the posters! :P I think it's gonna be pretty famous here in Japan, lol Kinda like Spiderman 3 I suppose. :) Enjoy!

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[12 May 2007|01:28am]

I loved the movie, it was one of my favorites from last year. So i decided to make some icons ;)

Jennifer Connelly 1-14
The Prestige 15 - 43
Spider man 3 (mostly bases, for the first part of the film, with spoilers) - 44 - 112
Using caps from </a></font></b></a>oxoniensis

Right Here!

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The Prestige Posters (with love from Japan) [05 Apr 2007|11:31pm]

I scanned one poster (front and back) of the Japanese version of The Prestige poster! :P It's not too different from the English ones, but still it got me skipping around. It's coming out in theatres here at last... x.X;; ENJOY! :D

theprestige_scanposter.jpg theprestige_scanposter2.jpg
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[04 Apr 2007|05:59pm]


I'm going to turn this into a Prestige/Hugh/Christian community just for this week and see if it works well.


Also, if you haven't read the Movies In 15 Minutes version of The Prestige, you're missing out. It's hilarious. :D

It's the second entry on there. The first is where I got my icon though, if anyone was wondering.

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Update from the moddd? :D [03 Apr 2007|04:34pm]

Hey all. Heh, looks like the community's been a bit dead. I think I might turn this into a Christian Bale/Hugh Jackman community too for the time being, seeing as there's not really much Prestige news about. Y/N?

Also: does anyone have the soundtrack/is willing to upload it to sendspace or something?
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[02 Apr 2007|08:13pm]

Can you help me please? I'm searching now the original of the book "The Prestige" in the internet. Do you know where I can find it? I read this book in the russian language, but I need it in english.
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Wowz [01 Apr 2007|09:09am]

Hello! I watched The Prestige last night for the first time, and whoa. I am in love with it.

In fact, I love it so much that I want to make a bazillion some icons and graphics etc. But here's the problem. I don't have any screencaps, or the right program to make my own.

Does anyone have any screencaps, or know where I can find them? I looked in one trusted cap resource, and then had a quick scan of your entries here and didn't see anything, so if someone's actually posted them, sorry if I missed it.

Thanks for your help.

PS. Also, not sure if it's just me, but your entry boxes are pushed all the way over to the right, and only half of them are visible. Thought you might want to know, just in case it's not just my computer :)
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Agony [26 Mar 2007|05:21pm]

Title: Agony
Author: adina_anne
Rating: PG/K+ (for implied death)
Spoilers: Through the last moment of The Prestige.

I once told you about a sailor who described drowning to me. I was lying.
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The Prestige-d Icons [11 Feb 2007|11:35pm]


Seriously, I love this movie, or at least the book (the movie isn't out here in Japan yet; that pretty much sucks...). So... I decided I'll make some icons! ;D Credit

ripplesinwater please? :) Thanks!


P.S. - I edited two more icons on... sorry I kinda forgot, lol Did I mention I'm a real big fan of Hugh Jackman? :P Beware, Hugh/Rupert-dom (a few of them are Borden) icons below tag! *yum*

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Every magician... [09 Dec 2006|10:46am]

Hi some multi-fandom icons on offer including 17 The Prestige icons PLUS One wallpaper (style of first icon).
Credit khalls_stuff please =) Pics grabbed mainly from

[ The Turn ]
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The Prestige Icons [03 Dec 2006|08:16pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

The Prestige Icons

12.    21.    05.

Rest at my journal ^_^

PS: Christian marry me

~♥~ Rules ~♥~ Please credit: incubloss</li>

  • ♥♥♥ Comments
  • Please do not hotlink
  • These are not bases
  • Please enjoy ! and cbale_icons
  • </ul>xposted cbale_icons and visual_delights and [info]christianbale
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    [05 Nov 2006|05:58pm]

    33 - Wimbledon
    12- Sam Roberts Band
    16 - The Prestige
    16 - Hugh Jackman

    Comment and credit jaune, no hotlinking, do not customize. Textless icons aren't bases.

    More here.
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    Looking for a picture... [04 Nov 2006|12:25am]

    Cut for spoilersCollapse )
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    Spoiler alerts ho, no clicky cut unless you've seen it. [03 Nov 2006|02:24pm]

    [ mood | crazy ]

    Mini intro:
    Hi, I'm Ashe, howareya. Longtime Hugh and Bale fan, seen the movie twice, love it more than candy, etc. etc.

    So I'm looking at pictures today and noticed something.

    Cut for possible spoilers in the image if you haven't seen the movie yet, and also a small DEFINATELY SPOILERY bits at the bottom. I can't get enough of analyzing this movie.Collapse )

    Okay. That's enough from me. I warn again, that cut is spoilery, people. Don't click if you haven't seen the film.

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    Where Lives (Literally) Hang in the Balance [03 Nov 2006|12:59am]

    [ mood | accomplished ]

    Hey, I'm new to the community but I've seen and thought about The Prestige for a bit. I snagged the screencaps to the trailer and made icons. Feel free to check them out!

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

    Angier: "Which hat is mine?"
    Tesla: "All of them."

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